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"... a wild dedication of yourselves to unpath'd waters, undream'd shores ..."
  • Want to be a better fantasy or sci-fi writer? Here’s what you should read.

    My dear writing friends,

    If you’re an aspiring science fiction or fantasy writer, you want to create something fresh and different for your audience. But while we may come up with a few truly original innovations, the fact is many of our ideas (as well as our writing style) have their roots somewhere else.

    If you only ever read one genre (the latest dystopian novels, for example, or  a handful of YA fantasy series), you’re like a … Continue reading

  • The critical error that can make writers miserable

    Dear writer-dreamers:

    I know a lot of writers—those who are just starting out, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between. I work with writers, go to conferences, connect with writers on Facebook, and attend writing conferences.

    I love this community, but I’ve noticed something that’s troubled me for a while.
    So many writers are setting themselves up to be miserable.
    This isn’t about a certain technique, or working habit, or anything on a surface level. The error goes much deeper—to … Continue reading

  • A Guide to the Merfolk of Vindor

    Dear Paracosmians,

    Which fantasy creature first captured your imagination?

    Hands down, mermaids were always my favorite, starting from the time I was five or six years old. I spent hours dreaming about living under the sea (and was devastated when I realized that would never happen!), and mermaid doodles filled my notebooks from first grade all the way through college. (Okay, okay, and maybe a few slipped into my notes during boring corporate meetings.)

    That probably explains why … Continue reading

  • Story Tips: Writing believable dialogue in fantasy

    My dear storymakers,

    One of my writing friends is working on a fantasy novel set in a medieval-style world, and she wanted to know how she could make the characters’ dialogue sound more natural.

    The basic advice is to write dialogue the way people speak—but when you’re writing about people in a different world, planet, or time period than your own, there’s a lot more to think about.

    So how do you write realistic dialogue for an imaginary … Continue reading

  • To unpathed waters and undreamed shores

    Dear worldbuilders,

    Have you ever heard a line of poetry or a fragment of a song that just stays with you?

    When I was in college, I took a Shakespeare course—actually two of them—in which we covered the Bard’s most famous works (plus some lesser-known, infamous ones). To help us categorize the huge amounts of text we were reading each semester, our professor would have us memorize each play’s most famous lines.

    Several of these lines have stuck … Continue reading

  • My author site is *almost* ready!

    Hi my dear dreamer,

    I’m delighted that you stopped by! My website is still under construction at the moment, but it will be fully operational at the end of November 2017. At that point I’ll be featuring writing prompts, inspirational articles to help you along your creative journey, plus news about my book, Escape to Vindor, which will be released December 1.

    So please pardon my dust, and be sure to come again soon!


    Emily Golus