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The Vindor sequel comes out April 29

My dear friends,

What a crazy eight months I’ve had! Major projects included:

  • Having a baby.

Well, that’s the major one. But among the late-night feedings and sweet baby laughs, I’ve also found time to:

  • Finish up the Vindor sequel.

That’s right: readers can return to Vindor on April 29, 2019! I’m really thankful for my publisher, Taberah Press, for working with me after the baby’s arrival pushed back our original publishing date. But the extra time has paid off, because we’re all very excited about the Vindor sequel, titled Mists of Paracosmia.

What’s new in Mists of Paracosmia

fantasy city of n'gozi from Mists of Paracosmia

Mists of Paracosmia doesn’t pick up exactly where Escape to Vindor ends—several years have elapsed, and Megan Bradshaw is now in college. She’s adjusted quite well to the real world, with one exception—she’s never been able to tell anyone about her adventure in Vindor, and that secret sometimes makes her lonely.

Meanwhile, a strange grey fog is rolling through the land Vindor, erasing the memories of entire nations as it goes.

In the next few weeks, I’ll reveal more about the characters and plot. But for now, here are a few of the elements to expect in Vindor Book Two:

A split story

Escape to Vindor was told completely from Megan’s point of view, and the plot follows her exclusively.

In Mists of Paracosmia, we’re introduced to a second point-of-view character, and the narrative not only jumps between his story and Megan’s, but between Vindor and the real world.

New and returning characters

In some ways, Mists introduces an entirely new cast—a kind of second generation of adventurers. But many of the characters from book one do make a comeback, most notably:

  • Megan, now grown-up and confident
  • Nikterra the centaur
  • Selena (as her own character this time)
  • Dagger Ravensblood

And most importantly:

  • Bat the goblin—as you’ve never seen him before

Bat’s character gets dropped into a completely new context, and one of the joys of writing this book was exploring how this weird little goblin king would react to an unfamiliar world.

New nations (including merfolk!)

In Escape to Vindor, Megan explored the Eastern side of her fantasy world, encountering the Huntsmen, Kavannan centaurs, Fairy Folk, Goblins, and Rikeans.

In Mists of Paracosmia, you’ll get to see what lies in the West, getting a closer look at the Tsuru, Dembeyans, and Nomads.

Oh, and did I mention the merfolk? One of the major characters in this book is a mermaid, and we’ll get a glimpse of both the Loray and Selk nations.

Stay tuned for updates

In the next few weeks, I’ll reveal cover art, the plot summary, and even some of the first chapter of Mists. In the meantime you can follow my Instagram account or Facebook page for new artwork and teasers.

You can also pre-order Mists of Paracosmia from Fiction Addiction now!

Mists of Paracosmia at Fiction Addiction in Greenville SC