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Mists of Paracosmia – plot preview

Return to the land of Vindor and explore new nations, meet new allies, and face new perils in the sequel to Escape to Vindor

Several years have passed since Megan banished the Shadow from Vindor. Now her world faces a new threat: a menacing fog that wipes out identities. It’s an ideal time for Megan to return—but in a strange twist of events, Vindor gets her brother, Arden, instead.

Arden knows nothing about his sister’s secret world, but he’s tired of being dominated by school bullies and jumps at the chance to train as a hero. Guardian Selena sends him on a quest to the Dembeyan city of N’gozi, accompanied by a spirited Nomad girl and a grumpy Selk mermaid.

Meanwhile, Megan discovers the goblin Bat—now in human form—near her college campus. The two race to find a way back to Vindor to set things right. Does a mysterious new friend hold the key to traveling between dimensions?

Journeying along the Blackwater River, Arden and his companions face unexpected dangers when they stumble into a deadly conspiracy—and discover a terrible truth about the world of Vindor.


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