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World of Vindor

  • The Lost Chapter: Ever More Wild and Wild

    Sometimes when editing a book, an author has to make a difficult decision to cut content completely. I had worked hard on this chapter in Escape to Vindor and really liked it, but in the end it didn’t serve the story well.

    So I’m releasing it here for readers to enjoy for the first time. This chapter would have been inserted at the end of chapter 21, essentially in the middle of page 199.

    It’s a … Continue reading

  • The Vindor map is completed!

    MAP MAP MAP MAP!!!Can you tell I’m excited? ?

    It’s taken a while to create, but the official map of Vindor is now completed:

    I’ve had a rough sketch that I’ve referred to over the years as I wrote the books, of course, but it was more of a tool just for me. It wasn’t pretty, and not anything other people would want to look at.

    I gave my sketch to Mike Golus at Take Shape Studio (a … Continue reading

  • A Guide to the Merfolk of Vindor

    Dear Paracosmians,

    Which fantasy creature first captured your imagination?

    Hands down, mermaids were always my favorite, starting from the time I was five or six years old. I spent hours dreaming about living under the sea (and was devastated when I realized that would never happen!), and mermaid doodles filled my notebooks from first grade all the way through college. (Okay, okay, and maybe a few slipped into my notes during boring corporate meetings.)

    That probably explains why … Continue reading