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World of Vindor

  • The Vindor map is completed!

    MAP MAP MAP MAP!!!Can you tell I’m excited? 🤗

    It’s taken a while to create, but the official map of Vindor is now completed:

    I’ve had a rough sketch that I’ve referred to over the years as I wrote the books, of course, but it was more of a tool just for me. It wasn’t pretty, and not anything other people would want to look at.

    I gave my sketch to Mike Golus at Take Shape Studio (a … Continue reading

  • A Guide to the Merfolk of Vindor

    Dear Paracosmians,

    Which fantasy creature first captured your imagination?

    Hands down, mermaids were always my favorite, starting from the time I was five or six years old. I spent hours dreaming about living under the sea (and was devastated when I realized that would never happen!), and mermaid doodles filled my notebooks from first grade all the way through college. (Okay, okay, and maybe a few slipped into my notes during boring corporate meetings.)

    That probably explains why … Continue reading