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  • What’s Next for Vindor

    Now that Mists of Paracosmia is out in the world, I’m able to free my attention at last. I’ve been working on both of these books for so long that it’s a bit weird to not be able to tweak them any further, even if I wanted to.

    So where am I going from here?

    Here are a few of the questions my friends and fans have
    been asking, with my responses.

    Q: What’s next in
    store for Vindor … Continue reading

  • Mists of Paracosmia Prologue

    The Vindor sequel will be released this coming Monday! For those of you who would like a sneak peak, here’s the opening to Mists of Paracosmia:


    The mist was like none they had ever seen—thick and heavy, with a dull sheen like nickel. It seemed to sense the company’s presence and withdrew a little, revealing the dark silhouettes of round tents.

    A young woman with straight red-brown hair dismounted her horse. Tendrils of mist reached out for … Continue reading

  • Mists of Paracosmia – plot preview

    Return to the land of
    Vindor and explore new nations, meet new allies, and face new perils in the
    sequel to Escape to Vindor. 

    Several years have passed since Megan banished the Shadow from Vindor. Now her world faces a new threat: a menacing fog that wipes out identities. It’s an ideal time for Megan to return—but in a strange twist of events, Vindor gets her brother, Arden, instead.

    Arden knows nothing about his sister’s secret world, but … Continue reading

  • The Vindor sequel comes out April 29

    My dear friends,

    What a crazy eight months I’ve had! Major projects included:

    Having a baby.

    Well, that’s the major one. But among the late-night feedings and sweet baby laughs, I’ve also found time to:

    Finish up the Vindor sequel.

    That’s right: readers can return to Vindor on April 29, 2019! I’m really thankful for my publisher, Taberah Press, for working with me after the baby’s arrival pushed back our original publishing date. But the extra time has paid off, … Continue reading

  • My author site is *almost* ready!

    Hi my dear dreamer,

    I’m delighted that you stopped by! My website is still under construction at the moment, but it will be fully operational at the end of November 2017. At that point I’ll be featuring writing prompts, inspirational articles to help you along your creative journey, plus news about my book, Escape to Vindor, which will be released December 1.

    So please pardon my dust, and be sure to come again soon!


    Emily Golus